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Why Purchase A Second-Hand Car

We are living in just the beginning of a huge ecological revolution, and one of the areas of society that is changing and will change the most with this revolution is the mobility sector. Each individual is thinking of different ways in which they can help propel this movement forward, some are thinking about using more trains instead of aeroplanes, the tube instead of cars or the bicycle, which has also gained a lot of momentum as an alternative mode of transport in the cities and even from town to town. And if your thing is bicycles, you can check out these BritainReviews of Tweeks Cycles, among plenty of other reviews from the mobility sector that might interest you to make informed choices about how you want to move around your city, town or even between countries.

And even though cars have been getting a bad reputation of being responsible for a large part of worldwide CO2 emissions, if you do need to a car to move around, there are plenty of ways in which you can still help reduce environmental costs and also get some personal benefits out of it. Opting for a used car can lead you to more savings, buy better models for lower prices, minimizing the depreciation and other benefits. Let’s break it down into sections.

Facilitates affordability and savings

The clearest advantage of opting for a used car is that it can allow you to afford a better, preferred model for less money and allows you to take care of your savings. You can also choose a car that offers better distance per litre of fuel, so you can save money and it is also an indicator of good performance. Another aspect is that buying second hand will allow you to avoid the registration fees, road taxes and other extra charges that inevitably come with new cars.

Minimizing depreciation

From the moment you start using a new car, the value of it starts depreciating quickly. Usually, the market value of a car decreases by about 20{3988f0644af10bdb86ade926c24f9d8ca011ecfb017d7721b8530af7bf38863d} per year for the first years after you purchase it, which means that during the first two to three years the value of your car will be cut by half. Different models have different depreciation rates, with luxury cars having a way bigger depreciation rate. It’s important to keep in mind that you can also get some benefits from this by purchasing a car which has already suffered most of its depreciation rate and will not lose that much more value afterwards.

Helping the environment

Apart from saving yourself some money, you can truly feel good about helping reduce the carbon footprint due to the fact that the primary fraction of carbon dioxide produced by cars is actually not when you drive them but in the manufacturing and shipping process. So when you choose a second-hand car you are already minimizing a big part of the negative environmental impact.

Lastly, it’s important to know that nowadays cars are built to last. A lot. So you don’t need to sacrifice the condition of the car to get a good deal for it and, if you know how to get around car deals, you’ll be able to find a good price for a car in almost new conditions. It is, of course, important to take a test drive and get the car checked before making the big decision.


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