What are the uses of the Laser Cutting Engraving Machine?


Before discussing about laser engraving machines, I will explain first what is Laser Cutting Engraving Machine? and What are the uses of a Laser Cutting Machine? So that later if you want to buy a laser machine you can choose the type of laser machine that suits your business needs.

First: What is a Laser Cutting Machine? LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is a device that functions to emit electromagnetic radiation. Laser light is usually in the form of light that cannot be seen with normal eyes. You can see video footage about the Laser Cutting Machine here

Second: What is the use of Laser Cutting Engraving Machine ?? The laser machine functions for Cutting and Engraving and Marking. Laser Cutting is a technology that uses laser beams to cut the desired material or material and is usually applied to manufacturing industries. Laser cutting works by directing laser beams with high power to cut or cut material.

While Laser Engraving is a laser beam that is used to erode or engrave the surface of a material so that the writing/image/photo/logo can be seen on the surface of the material. Laser Engraving also works to help you make a variety of creative products to your taste.

Actually, the principle and how it works from a laser engraving machine is similar to a carving machine. Where x-rays or laser beams are used to scrape or remove surface parts of the material. Because its function is only to carve, Laser Engraving cannot produce color. What is produced is usually only traces of combustion that is only the color of burn due to heat. The contrast of the results of the Laser Engraving process depends on the types of material and the strength of the laser beam used. The greater the strength, the laser beam will burn more. Fore more information about Laser Engraving process you can visit: www.lasitlaser.com

And the third is Laser Marking. Laser Marking is slightly different from laser engraving but still uses a laser beam. Laser Marking Machine is a tool that is widely used to mark metals and nonmetal surfaces. Marking can be a company logo designed with letters, numeric patterns / graphic forms. Customers usually recognize companies with their logos or signs. Tagging is a quick and easy way to identify among other products.

That’s a little review of laser cutting engraving machines, now back to the subject of the business opportunities for laser cutting engraving machines. A growing opportunity like mushrooms in the rainy season. Laser machines are very easy to use and can be started immediately. Usually, the price of a laser machine as an investment machine can be calculated and returned in a relative fast time! Whether you choose to open a store or business from home, you will find that business with a laser engraving machine is a profitable business.

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