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Upgrading Car Parts in the United Kingdom – An Expert Guide

Modifications in the car are a regular feature. These modifications include several things, which have increasing horsepower, tinting windows, to name a few. Online reviews about organisations and car parts shops online reviews might provide useful information about various car-related modifications. However, it is essential to note which car modifications are covered by your car insurance. Therefore, there are some points which you need to know before going ahead with your car modifications plans. This article offers an expert guide to you.

Defining Car Modification

It is important to note that car modification is not car repair. In simpler terms, car repair refers to replacing a damaged car part with an identical part or fixing a damaged part. On the other hand, car modification refers to the process through which either the appearance or the performance of the car is altered compared to how it was manufactured globally.

Modifications and Car Insurance

There can be many modifications in a car, and all of them can have varying impacts on your car insurance. Some of the changes which have a more significant effect on the car insurances are air filter upgrades, exhaust system changes, light changes, spoiler additions, and tinted windows, to name a few.

To surprise you, changing a simple audio system will allow having an impact on your car insurance! Any alteration in the car’s appearance and capability is referred to as car modification to reinforce once again.

Legal and Illegal Car Modifications in the UK

To ensure that car is safe to drive on the road, many vehicle modifications are termed illegal in the UK. In case you are spotted with an unlawful car modification, you will be charged with an offense and a hefty fine. Therefore, the following are the illegal and legal car modifications:

Undercar Neon Lights

While lights are allowed to be fitted at the front of the car, red lights are not permissible.

Window Tinting

The legality or illegality of window tinting depends on the darkness.

Engine modifications

Similar to the exterior modifications, engine modifications are sometimes legal and other times illegal.

Catalytic converter modification

Removal of the catalytic converter is the common modification which the drivers do in their cars. This essential modification is illegal in the United Kingdom, so do not think of pursuing it even if the mechanic offers it.

ECU modification

It refers to the onboard computer installed on the car. It is a legal modification and is one of the drivers of the widespread improvement installed in their vehicles to improve their performance.

Nitrous Oxide engine modification

It is an illegal modification which is due to the dangerous nature of the amendment.


You should notify your insurance provider every time whenever you undertake a modification in your car. Doing so might either increase your insurance cost or decrease it. In the end, it is essential always to check the legality of the amendment and always consult a professional.


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