The future definitely sounds intriguing for Automotive Engineers as they continue to develop the next generation of hybrid cars, while standing at the forefront of innovations like flying or self-driving cars. Automotive Systems engineers may choose industrially based careers in research and development, test, systems, product development, performance and development engineering, automotive component, and design engineering. When you pick a school for your degree you must also look at the opportunities for training that each program offers. The Automotive Technology programme is designed for people who would like to work with the most recent technology within the field of advanced electronic, hydraulic and automotive technological systems. Here are a few articles from offering information about degree programs related to this field of study.automotive engineeringautomotive engineering

You will take an in-depth look at aspects of automotive systems, such as engine types, braking systems, gear boxes and chassis systems. Other than automotive engineering, students may find relevant coursework in related online engineering programs. You will learn to think creatively with a broad scope of knowledge, in order to tackle ITS engineering challenges in a multi-disciplinary environment. Our accredited courses, which can lead to Chartered Engineer status, are collaboratively delivered between the School of Engineering and WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group). We have placement opportunities with local, national and international Engineering companies.

The only accredited program of its kind in Canada, the Automotive Engineering program prepares engineers to meet the need for advancements in the automotive sector by accelerating research and the development of alternative technologies, such as electric and fuel-cell driven vehicles. According to the S.C. Department of Commerce, the state has added more than 14,000 automotive jobs since 2011, bringing the total number of jobs in the industry to about 66,000. Individuals interested in designing, testing and creating automotive systems may be drawn to this line of work.

A strong foundation in engineering areas relevant to current industry needs to allow them to successfully compete for demanding and high quality jobs. G30 Automotive Engineering Course offers internships in summer and spring vacations to G30 international students to gain experience of real world engineering related to automotive technologies. Please note:¬†we have a range of taught postgraduate awards to suit your needs, from Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma to a full Master’s Degree (MA, MBA, MSc, LLM).

Therefore the Tariff points for 2017 entry look very different from 2016 entry Рthe 2017 BBB (BEng) or ABB (MEng) equivalents for this course will be 120 (BEng) or 128 (MEng) UCAS points for 2017. If this is not possible we ensure that the project relates to an area of automotive engineering. There is a lot that goes into automotive engineering that is not covered in school or with other fields of automotive engineering.

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