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mazda 2 perth, the supermini that Mazda themself felt worthy as being their supermini flagship. That honour isn’t something to scoff at as Mazda is known for producing some of the best. Knowing this how does the mazda 2 perth hold up when you put it in the same light that that Mazda thought it could withstand. How is its handling? Is it flashy or function? Does the engine compliment the design or is it a unique choice? These are the questions we wanted to know about the Mazda 2, luckily for you, all the information is here in this Mazda 2 review.

An Engine That’s Alright

You didn’t misread that title at all, there is only one engine available for the Mazda 2. For a supermini we hoped for a more energy-efficient engine to be the main focus as combined with a light body this car would be pushing some serious fuel efficiency number. But Mazda knows the car better than us and understands exactly what it needs. Although it would have been nice to have diesel variants the petrol engine inside does its job with some unique focuses.

Under the Mazda 2 hood sits a 1.5L four-cylinder petrol unit with either 74bhp or 89bhp. Knowing its strengths mean that we aren’t going to be using it to tow vehicles or bring it to a drag race, what it does mean though is that this will instead be a great primary driver. The Mazda 2 is FWD with a six-speed manual gearbox. Mazda isn’t planning to do anything fancy like electric or turbo variants as they are happy to stick with the petrol engine that they know is best.

How Does It Feel To Drive

The mazda 2 perth , a supermini with a 1.5L petrol engine that was made by Mazda, of course the experience is special. If you have been driving a turbo vehicle with a bit more strength in the horsepower section then maybe this car might take some adjusting to get used to. Corners are going to be the most fun part about driving this vehicle as the control you have gives you so much more freedom to take those sharp turns.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there are still cars with better power like recent Golf’s, but considering the engine inside the Mazda 2 isn’t a turbo, this is a damn good car to drive. As stated before its the lack of power behind the engine that’s going to be the biggest step back. Considering some of the turbo vehicles offering more for a cheaper cost it does have us wondering why Mazda went in this direction. All in all, if you put in the time and get comfortable with the vehicle the driving experience and handling will be something of its own.

Interior Design

Does the Mazda 2, a brainchild of a manufacturer renowned for their sleek exterior and interior design, still keep up to the high standards they have set? The outside is something that will be left till later, for now, we need to look at the inside. The colours on the interior are pretty basic with no accent designs which is a bit sad. But the Mazda 2 focuses on functionality so having an easy on the eyes design is actually very comforting. 5 seats, no accents, no vibrant colours, no unique materials added, the Mazda 2 is the epitome of a straight to the point simple interior.

In terms of what you experience inside there are many things to be excited about. The control system is perfect with minimalist dials and comfortable height. The seats will be your favourite part on those long trips thanks to the comfort Mazda ensured to add. USB charging ports for the growing need for phones. And last but not least the display screen with added satellite navigation and android/apple music support.

Exterior Build, Mazda Or Mishaps?

The mazda 2 perth has so far been a good car, perfect for simplistic lifestyles and great for everyday driving. But what is all that without a bit of personality for the driver to make it your own? What’s your vehicle if not just an extension of what your style is. Hard and sharp? Soft and sleek? Vibrant of Matt? What is the Mazda 2 here?

Mazda 2’s exterior follows the same design style as the interior, yet somehow does it even better. The outside is sharp with strong edges and curves while also having sleek headlights. As for the new facelift area you can see Mazda switch to a mesh grille, which in our opinion is in very good taste. As always Mazda left us with 8 options in terms of colour options for the drivers style to shine but there is something more to this. The Mazda 2 has a lot of nice black accents along the outside that work great with every colour Mazda offers which when we think about it makes perfect sense for Mazda.

Models Available

There are four main models to keep your eye on in the Mazda 2 line.

First off, the cheapest model at $28,630, the SE-L. Although the most affordable, this baseline model packs more than most in terms of the starting point. Featuring climate control, parking sensors, automatic headlights wipers all included.

At $30,000 is the SE-L obviously sitting at around a thousand more than the prior is here to introduce some awesome safety/feature accessories. This includes the lane-keep/lane departure system and also smartphone mirroring.

3rd is the Sport Nav at $31,300 which adds keyless go, 16-inch rims, privacy glass and strong LED headlights. Simplistic but appreciated.

Last and most expensive is the GT Sports Nav with a price tag of $32,745. This isn’t a flashy upgrade as it’s more of a quality of life improvements, leather seats, heated steering real and of course a rearview camera. Not insane but hey, luxury doesn’t have to mean fancy and it could also mean more functional.

What’s The Overall Opinion

Mazda put their name on this vehicle with the confidence it’s gonna outperform (or at least match) the buyer’s expectations, and in our opinion it has. With the engine easily being the least impressive element you can say that’s pretty good overall. A very sleek, comfy and most important functional interior. Sharp yet smooth exterior with availability for the driver’s style to shine. A baseline model with more than you would expect at this price point. You bottle all this up, form it into a car and of course, it’s gonna be a great experience. So if you get the chance to take one out for a test drive, don’t miss the opportunity.


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