Sailing For Your Health


There is hardly a more relaxing and enjoyable leisure activity than sailing. You can leave behind the confusion and turmoil of modern life and head out over the waves with family or friends. It is equally enjoyable to take some quality personal time fishing or just relaxing on the deck of your sailing craft.

But many people don’t realize that sailing is so much more than just a good hobby or a fun sport. Did you know that in addition to the great fun and relaxation of sailing, there are also a great many health benefits that come from sailing? What are these benefits? In the following article, we will take a closer look.

Sailing Develops Muscle Strength

Sailing is not a “push button” activity, there are ropes to be pulled, and sails to be trimmed, hoisted, and reefed. All this will provide great exercise for the back, arms, legs, shoulders, and thighs. These same activities can help improve your agility, coordination, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.I would highly recommend you check out Wickenroy Pavitt for sailing equipment.

Sailing Can Help Improve Cardiovascular Health

As mentioned, there is plenty of physical work involved in sailing. When you engage in vigorous physical activities, you exercise your heart and lungs as well as your major muscle groups. This means plenty of oxygen and blood is needed to work through your muscles and this increases your cardiovascular health. These benefits are compounded through breathing in the high-quality air available on the ocean waves or any large body of water. Furthermore, improving cardiovascular health is one of the best ways to avoid conditions of the heart and lungs, such as hypertension.

Sailing Can Help Keep Your Bones Strong

While you are out on the deck of your sailing craft, you will be absorbing plenty of sunlight laden with Vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin that boosts the health of your bones. Of course, this only applies to those who will be on the deck of their boat with no manmade structures to block off the sunlight. It is always best to soak up the sun in the morning or later afternoon when the sun’s light is not as strong. Never forget to slather on that sunscreen lotion and wear a proper hat and sunglasses to avoid the various issues that can arise from overexposure to the sun’s powerful rays.

Sailing Helps with Mental Wellness

Sailing is good for your mental health as well. It is impossible to be anxious, stressed, or depressed when surrounded by the big blue waters and inhaling that fresh salt sea air. Did you know that salt air clears the airways of your respiratory system and helps you absorb more oxygen? This can in turn help your body produce more serotonin, which is one of the important “feel-good” body chemicals, also called the “happy” hormone. But just being near the water can also help to improve the mood and relax the mind. This could be due to the rhythmic lapping of the waves as the sailing craft courses through the waves. It is far superior to those “white noise” machines that many people use to simulate the relaxing and soothing sounds of nature.

In addition to those factors, sailing is a peaceful and quiet sport that can allow the mind to gain a whole new perspective that can help you get a better handle on your life. Being alone or better said, in the good company of the wind, sea, and sun, is a great way to refresh your life and ease the tension and stress you must face back on land.

Sailing Helps Improve Concentration

The ultimate goal of your sailing adventure will be to take your craft out into the deep blue sea and then bring it safely to port once more. Doing this requires that you become acutely aware of the various forces of nature that are interacting on your sailing vessel while you steer and adjust your sails and rigging for a smooth ride. This is an important way to improve your concentration and make you keenly attuned to the slightest details. This is a great exercise for those who will have demanding jobs that require their full concentration.

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