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New vs Used: Buying Teenagers the Perfect First Car

The first car a person will ever drive could impact their life. That’s why as parents, you should carefully think about what kind of car to give your teen, if you can, once they reach the right age to have one.

There are several considerations to even tinker with the idea of giving your teen the rite of passage onto their path to independence by having their own ride. Ultimately, it all boils down to whether to buy a new unit or a used car for their first taste of independence as they gain freedom on the road. New and used vehicles come with a host of pros and cons. It is up to you to weigh which one proves to be the better choice.

New cars: modern safety features that come for a hefty price

Vehicles come with upgraded features every time manufacturers release them on the market. So if you are taking a brand new unit, expect to enjoy topnotch features, including security amenities and modern technologies that will give your teen the comfort and safety they would loveā€”but not necessarily need. Teens do not usually cover long miles, especially in the early phase of their driving experience, and would barely need extravagant features to keep them in excellent cruise control. Some standard features that generally come with older, second-hand vehicles may be enough to keep them covered through their basic adventures on the road.

Plus, there is that impression that teens who drive superstar cars acquire the superstar complex, making them throw their weight around others. It may not be a humbling practice unless you are sure you have trained your teen well not to allow such things to get to their head.

Another major setback for buying your teen a new car is the price. Brand new units come with a hefty price tag. That’s why they are not the most affordable choice, especially if your budget is pushed to its limits.

Used cars: less advanced in features but relatively safe and inexpensive

Unlike the common impression, used cars do not have to be run-the-mill, always under repair type. If you know how to locate the best used car Utah dealership, you could find the most decent unit your teen could enjoy driving. Used cars may not have the superstar features that brand new units have, but they are also quite affordable. Dents and dings, which inevitably happen with new drivers, are not usually big deals, unlike if they are driving a new car. As long as the vehicle is rounded up and performs well as needed, it would not matter if it is used or pre-owned.

The verdict

Most parents would agree that pre-owned vehicles are the more practical choice to gift a teen as their first ride. Just make sure you acquire them through a reputable dealership that could vouch for their safety and performance. After all, those two features are far more important than style or vibe.

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