Institute Of Automotive Engineering


Automotive industry in the UK and around the world has seen great technological developments in recent years and despite economic pressures the industry has faced it is set for continued growth. By the end of this course you’ll be in an excellent position to become an automotive engineering professional. The module also introduces concepts from classical control, using the engineering programming tools to model and analyse performance of engineering systems enabling learning of the functionality of control analysis and design software. The average workweek for an automotive engineer is between 40 and 55 hours, but it can be longer as deadlines approach. The Automotive Engineering course is a four-year programme taught entirely in English and leads to a Bachelor of Science.

You will also will apply topics including mathematics, conceptual design, manufacturing and automotive systems to a design project. Since all industrial automotive product development is carried out in a team-based project environment, the programme stresses the importance of project work. You will learn about the most important issues for managing in an engineering environment.automotive engineeringautomotive engineering

The Manufacturing section will further extend the students’ understanding of joining, forming and finishing techniques particularly applied in the modern automotive industry. Each school has representatives from their program working at all of the top automotive producers in the world and they are well represented throughout the industry. An ability to communicate effectively and to act with social, ethical, and professional responsibility to fulfill their commitment inside and outside the engineering profession. The project incorporates engineering disciplines, providing simulated experience of the difficulties and needs for team work within an engineering environment.

The thermofluids section covers the key concepts of system, work, heat and the main thermodynamics laws with special reference to their engineering applications. Programmes stated as eligible for free study in 2018 are based on the 2017 fee structure and subject to funding confirmation for 2018. The first two years/levels also provide exposure to other related engineering subjects, such as electrical and electronic engineering, and commercially important topics, such as management and related law. During the foundation year you will learn about the various Engineering programs available.

One distinct advantage that Kettering University students have over other schools is a mandatory internship throughout the educational experience. We will introduce you to the methods used to make financial decisions in evaluating engineering and manufacturing options from an economic viewpoint. Engineering and Technology — Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. Graduates of this qualification will have the skills and knowledge to work in an entry level position in the automotive industry.

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