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How to choose the Best Tyres for Honda CB Shine variants?

The Honda Shine has been spreading smiles since 2006 with its simple yet superb ergonomics and urban styling, low-maintenance design, which makes it easy and affordable to keep its riders always in the bright side. The Honda Shine is India’s popular 125cc commuter motorcycle known for delivering excellent fuel efficiency, helping riders save money on fuel costs. Honda Shine are sold in huge numbers and is a well-respected brand known for producing reliable, high-quality motorcycle, with dependable performance and long-lasting durability, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes.

Pressure levels for Honda Shine tyres that are suitable.

According to the owner’s handbook, the recommended pressure for

•        For a single rider, front wheel is 25 PSI & rear wheel is 33 PSI

However, if you often ride with another passenger,

•        For a double riders, front wheel is 25 PSI & rear wheel is 41 PSI

Choosing the best tyres for your Shine is extremely important for its optimum performance, fuel-efficiency and better handling. Here are the list of tyres from TVS Eurogrip the house of bike tyre specialists

List of tyres for HONDA CB SHINE / SHINE SP :

List Of Front Tyres:

List Of Back Tyres based on your road conditions and weather conditions:

Crossover Tyre meant for any type of road and any type of weather

Explorer Adventure Tyres meant for long journeys & extra durability

Urban Tyres meant for city roads and any weather conditions



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