How to Buy Your First Car


It is an exciting milestone to buy your first car. You can save up for it, your parents may step in to help buy it or take out a loan to buy it. It is, however, best to take your time to do some research before you buy your first car.

Doing your due diligence can help you make an informed decision. Consider all the features that you want in a car, including performance shock absorbers such as Koni’s Special Active. If you rush to buy your car, you may end up spending money on the wrong car. In this article, you will learn to buy your first car:

Set Your Budget

It is crucial to create a budget. And you need to stick to your budget. It is easy to overspend on your first car. In fact, you may spend too much money on your first car if you do not have a budget.

Do not just focus on the cost of buying the car. It is even better to consider the running costs of the car, including:

  • Fuel – A car uses fuel, so you will spend money on fuel.
  • MOT – If your car is three years or older, then you will need to take it for an annual MOT test. The MOT test ensures the roadworthiness of your car. You will have to carry out the necessary maintenance to make your car fit for driving. You may, therefore, have to replace your tyres, headlamps, and brakes.
  • Road tax – If your car is not exempt, you will pay road tax.
  • Car insurance – It is expensive for new drivers to pay for car insurance.

You do not have to buy a brand-new car. Private sellers sell second-hand vehicles. It is helpful to use the internet to find second-hand cars. There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed on AutoTrader. You can search for second-hand cars on AutoTrader. Do not forget to check out FreeAds and GumTree.

Inspect the Car

If you want to buy a new car, you will get a warranty cover and the law protects you. However, you will still need to inspect the car before you buy it.

Check for dings or scratches on the car. If you see a ding or scratch, do not drive the car. You may be forced to spend more money to fix the scratches. If the dealer delivers the car, you can return the car if you are not happy with it. Your dealer may allow you to return the car.

It is, however, difficult to buy a second-hand vehicle. You can buy a second-hand vehicle from a private seller or a car dear. It is best to buy from a dealer because you will have protection. You will not have protection if you buy from a private seller.

Here are some things to remember if you want to buy from a car dealer. Many second-hand car dealers are members of a trade association and they independently check their vehicles. They adhere to strict codes of practice. You will be sure you are in safe hands.

Second-hand car dealers follow the law. They ensure their second-hand vehicles are:

  • Legal to drive – They make sure that their second-hand cars meet legal requirements.
  • Fit for purpose – They make sure that their cars can carry out the functions that people expect of them.
  • Of satisfactory quality – They make sure that the quality of their second-hand cars is in keeping with the mileage, age, model or make of their cars.
  • Match their descriptions – They do not violate the Sales of Goods Act. Therefore, if their adverts describe any features of their car, then the car dealer must ensure that these features are not missing to avoid violating the Sales of Goods Act.

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