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You do not want to miss a car on vacation, or even take a round trip with the car? In countries like USA , Canada , South Africa , Uganda  or Cuba , a car offers maximum flexibility. So that the booking of the rental car without annoyance and nasty surprises at the destination ends I have written down my tips for you.

Are you planning to rent a car abroad or even a round trip by rental car? Then you should inform yourself before the trip exactly what you should pay attention to. Insurance cover, tank control, additional costs: I was once again aware that you have to pay a lot, so that the trip is not unexpected in the money. There were Commercial Vehicle Rental options as well.

Questions like “At what time should I rent the car and which provider? What details do I have to pay attention to when contracting with the rental car company? And which traffic regulations apply in the holiday country? Does left-hand traffic prevail? ” I answer here.

  1. Book the rental car before your trip in America

Book your rental car before traveling from home. If you book in advance, you will often be rewarded with discounts, special offers or extras. It does not matter if you book at major car rental companies (Europcar, Budget, Hertz), via comparison portals on the internet or in the travel agency.

In addition, you always have a contact person in English available in America – if problems arise and the contract is written in English. Incidentally, in the case of dispute, English courts are also responsible.

Always make sure that a contract is in paper form. Best in English and read the fine print (Terms and Conditions) exactly.

  1. Use comparison portals for rental cars and save money

If you compare the prices and subscribe to newsletters of comparison portals before renting on the Internet, you can often look forward to a few euros more in your holiday fund.

Never book direct with the car rental company, but use comparison portals. So you can easily compare offers, prices and services of different providers before you book. Usually you can find better, cheaper prices here and save a lot of time searching.If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive notices about promotions with coupons and discounts. If you plan a tour by car, it is generally worth subscribing to the newsletters of the comparison portals.

Often the car rental companies offer special savings offers, if you book on time and pay the car in advance (prepaid rate).

Carefree package – do not save on insurance coverage

Car Rental Holiday Tips Price Comparison Criteria

Rental car search options: I always select the option “without deductible”. Never save on insurance coverage for your rental car.  It is important that you choose a comprehensive insurance cover from liability, comprehensive and theft insurance at the time of booking.


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