Driving Safety Tips For HGV Drivers


HGV career opportunities provide diverse job roles that often involve taking you places. An HGV role not only offers a way to see more of the world but can also provide impressive job security and financial rewards. With many benefits, it makes sense that HGV roles have become a lot more popular among a variety of job seekers.

However, when discussing safety, every driver has a responsibility to make sure they are safe along with any other driver on the roads. Keep reading to find out more about the top-rated safety tips for HGV drivers.

Always Be Aware When It Comes To Your Surroundings And Also Anticipate What Other Road Users May Do

HGV drivers have a difficult job, yet these roles are vital when it comes to the economy. When you drive an HGV, you become responsible for your own safety and for any other road user around you. This is why awareness of all your surroundings is crucial all the time.

It is crucial to remain vigilant and keep your eyes on the road every time you get behind the wheel. Regularly check your mirrors, and look behind you before you change lanes or turn. Don’t allow anything to distract you while you are driving. Examples of these distractions include playing loud music, eating, or reading messages on your phone. If something should go wrong, you need to use the right safety procedures so that you can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Take Breaks Regularly To Prevent Fatigue

Many experienced HGV drivers know about the hazards of driving when fatigued, but a lot of drivers still don’t take enough precautions to prevent it. HGV drivers must take a break as soon as they start feeling tired and make sure they are well-rested before carrying on with the journey. Fatigue is a serious problem for drivers of HGVs. To begin with, HGVs are heavy and large and require a lot more concentration to operate safely. HGV drivers also usually drive for long hours and some even drive throughout the night. This often makes it a challenge to stay alert and awake while driving.

If you are moving forward to expanding your career as an HGV driver, search via the web or locally to find HGV training schools near you. They will organise your medical, theory & practical training and tests to become an HGV driver.

Ensure That Your Load Is Balanced And Secure

Every HGV driver has the responsibility of making sure their loads are secure and balanced. An unbalanced load can result in serious consequences, including lowered vehicle control and stability, an increase in fuel consumption, or damage to either the tyres or axle due to uneven distribution of weight.

To ensure loads are correctly balanced, HGV drivers should be paying close attention when it comes to unloading and loading the vehicle. Each package should be carefully checked for the correct weight distribution to ensure it will not cause problems once on the roads. Drivers should also be aware of the cargo they are able to carry safely on the vehicle by referring to the manufacturer’s regulations and guidelines in their local area.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Well-Maintained

The HGV driver and the company they work for hold the responsibility of making sure these commercial vehicles have been properly maintained. This is important for the safe operation of these vehicles and to avoid downtime or costly repairs on a long journey.

A pre-journey check needs to be performed before an HGV driver undertakes his next journey to complement a regular maintenance schedule. This should include checking coolant levels, oil levels, tyre wear and pressure, indicators and headlights, brake fluid levels, filters and fuel tanks, battery charge, and any other important part of an HGV vehicle. The paperwork that relates to the checks should also be up-to-date.

Making sure your HGV vehicle is always in the best condition can assist in avoiding accidents due to a fault that might have been avoided when sticking to proper maintenance and servicing. Well-maintained vehicles always operate better under various driving conditions, which helps to lower the likelihood of accidents on the roads that involve HGVs.

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