Different Styles of Window Coverings


In the interior design arena, the wide-range of window coverings are the materials used to cover the windows of a home, which might protect from sunlight, a means for extra weather-proofing, or to heighten the level of privacy. A common type of Houston Window Coverings is the full-length curtains, although they are far from the only choice, with the blinds, shutters, shades, and draperies giving choices. Besides the functionality aspect, the right pattern, color, and texture of covering will have the potential to improve on the look of a room.

Here are some of the most popular type’s window coverings


The curtains are typically panels or lengths of cloth, which might be lined or unlined (dependent on its use), and hangs in position above a window attached to an often stylish rod. A curtain is attached to the curtain rail by use of grommets, tabs, or rings. The curtains are highly versatile in use and are often seen as a simpler variation of the more formal draperies. However, the curtains can come manufactured in really luxurious cloth to give a very attractive and appealing look.


The blinds can give a modern and clean look to any room and comes in all types of materials, which might include a choice of wood, metal, cloth, and plastic. A typical home blind will hang vertically for complete ease in operation, while blinds that open horizontally are also available, and these might feature on the larger windows or patio doors. Blinds are great for giving complete control over the amount of light that might be let into a room, which can be done by either opening up the slats or lifting the blind to the top of the window.


A shade covering is similar in design to the blinds, yet these come with a single, solid piece of cloth, rather than the multiple thin slates. Shades also come with a corded system for ease in lifting a blind up and down. Also, this type is possibly the most effective at blocking light out, with the great range of blackout shades available, and a great choice for a bedroom so you’re able to sleep more soundly.


the shutters which fit on the inside on a window at home are referred to as the plantation shutters, and these might come in solid wood or vinyl, which might be designed to give a wood-like appearance. These window coverings come with a series of angle-adjustable louvers, which control the degree of light let into a room.

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