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Custom Car Covers

Do you find it hard to get a slot at the nearest covered parking lot? Don’t worry. You can keep your car safe with a custom fit car cover. A weather-proof cover is the next best thing to covered parking. It protects your vehicle from the harsh elements and more. Whether you accept it or not, the environment can be your car’s worst enemy. Mother Nature can be cruel to vehicles and she doesn’t care whether your car costs a fortune or not. She attacks without mercy and she can destroy your investment. Next to your home, your car is your most prized possession. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to protect your investment by reducing the period of time that your vehicle is exposed to the environment. You can prevent this with a good cover.

Modern car covers won’t take a long time to put on. Most are made using advanced computer drafting software and can be used in less than a minute. Custom covers are so-called since they snugly fit your own vehicle and have the best protection. Contrary to popular belief, a car cover isn’t simply just a cover. Today’s covers have different features and options that can be tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle. High quality covers are made to protect your car from the sun and rain. They have breathable fabrics to repel the elements. Without breathable fabrics moisture can get trapped under a cover and eventually destroy your car’s paint while ultraviolet (UV) protection stops the sun’s harmful rays to prevent fading. UV protection is important that it is one of the most expensive features of a good car cover.

The Many Types of Car Covers

The first type of cover that is used inside or under cover such as a carport is the one layer dust cover. This cover can help stop dust from collecting on your vehicle, it also can be used outdoors but is not recommend for long-term outdoor use. If you are looking to store your car or other vehicle inside the garage or under the carport this cover will work well for you. The next choice in covers are the three layer covers that range from water resistant to waterproof depending on the type of material use during manufacturing. The light weight cover that is water resistant is used mostly in the Southwest where there is little rain and you want a cover that will stand up. This cover has lifetime of maybe 2 – 3 years depending on use and proper care. They us a special type of material in its construction that stops water from penetrating but at the same time allows moisture to wick away from under the cover. There are three types of waterproof covers and they range from the low cost to the high end cover.

Breathable or Waterproof Car Covers

Cars are many people’s most prized possession. They are, however, easily damaged and can start to look and in poor condition if they aren’t looked after properly.  Waterproof car covers are particularly beneficial.


The paintwork of your car can begin to spoil.

Waterproof and water resistant

You may be wondering what the difference between these two terms is. Waterproof covers do not allow water to pass through the cover at all, whereas water resistant covers only remain undamaged by water. Water can still pass through water resistant material.


The benefit of breathable car covers is that they breathe which means any condensation can escape which will prevent mildew and mold forming preventing any damage.

The New Top Half Car Cover Gains Popularity

The top cover is the new “I’ve got to have” in car covers. The top cover is beginning to gain popularity; this cover has many uses and can be installed and removed with little effort. Just this last year this cover was first placed on the open market and since then has become the “I’ve got to have” cover. If you haven’t seen or heard about this cover I want to let you know what it’s about. Sometimes when you are putting on your full size car cover, I am sure you are thinking there must be a better way to just cover your vehicle windows and hide your valuable possessions. For instance, when you go out shopping our just want to keep your car cool during the hot summer days, and also during the winter when you’re tired of scraping your windows in the morning before you go to work. Well, somebody had the same thought and came up with the top cover.

This cover simply covers the top half of your car, it is made of a super tough material, and its light weight with UV and waterproof protection. The cover is very easy to install on your car, it just takes a few minutes to put on and take off. That is one reason people have started to love this cover. The second reason, the protection and heat reduction the cover provides. The cost of the top cover is very reasonable compared to a full size car cover, although it is not quite half the price of a full cover, only because there are a lot more elements to this cover. Well, you can take it from me that this cover is becoming a must have cover even if you already have a full size cover. If you are storing your vehicle for any length of time the full cover is a good choice, but when you are just out shopping or out on the town and even for a day trip somewhere, the top cover is great to have in your trunk for a quick solution to protect your valuables and cut down on the heat in your car.

Car Covers Are Available For Most Cars but Before You Buy You Should Do Some Research on the Web

Sometimes, when the winter months approach, everyone with an older car cringes at the thought of having to deal with rust problems. Rust is a serious car killer and can completely ruin a perfectly good car. However, there is a great way to stop your car from being overcome by rust and it’s to buy yourself car covers to protect your car during the colder and wetter months. A lot of car owners can be very worried at the thought of their car being out of use – if you end up with a serious rust problem it can cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed. Rust is usually an MOT failure, depending on where it is so it’s important to ensure that your car is protected during the storms that come over winter. If you buy yourself some car covers then you can ensure that your car will stay protected. You can find these covers for pretty much any car and even if you don’t find an exact match, you can usually find a universal car cover that will suffice. Just make sure it’s not too small otherwise you’re defeating the point. The idea is to cover as much of the car as possible so that you can protect the entire underside as well. It’s amazing how much water can get under a car even when it’s parked. Make sure that you attach your cover properly as well – you don’t want it blowing away down the street!

Most car stores will sell what you’re looking for and while you’re there you may want to consider different things for car care such as a tyre inflator which can be a great help if you end up with a flat tyre! There are many options available on the car care market these days so you should find what you need. Overall, buying car covers to protect your car this winter is a great way to ensure you don’t end up with a serious rust problem. Consider buying what you need early so that you can be sure you won’t have any surprises at your next MOT!


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