Automotive Engineering BEng


The Automotive Engineering MS program is geared toward preparing students for a career in the automotive industry. Consequently, many prospective automotive engineers earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from a university that also offers specialized courses in automotive engineering. I now hope to get involved with as many different aspects of the automotive business as possible and progress into a design engineering role with lots of responsibility on some of the world’s finest sports cars. Over time, the school will not be as important as the experience and skills the engineering the undergraduate offers. An engineering degree is a passport to opportunities in a wide range of disciplines.

With this broad subject knowledge, you become more adaptive to the requirements of the modern engineering workplace. This gives Kettering University student an edge and helps to explain why so many are in high ranking positions in the automotive industry. Experienced automotive engineers can expect to see an increase in their earnings potential as their career evolves by sheer virtue of their experience.

You will study the first year of the Master’s degree in 3 out of the 4 participating universities; that is, in 3 different countries. One of Northumbria’s signature research themes is ‘Future Engineering’, which is about innovation in the engineering and construction industries so that they are fit for purpose in the 21st century. The online programs assume that the student received hands-on experience while obtaining the bachelor’s degree.

Many different occupational fields and career opportunities are open to you as a graduate of our degree programme. You are better placed to tackle the problems faced by many companies whose design, manufacturing processes rely on co-ordinating individual specialists from various engineering disciplines. The second trimester students switch to Loughborough University where they will complete another 21 ECTS of the Automotive core programme.

Upon graduation you can continue with study at level 4 attaining further specialist knowledge and skills in automotive engineering, or gain work as an apprentice technician under supervision within your field of expertise. The Edmunds poll results showed three universities in the State of Michigan took top honors for producing high quality automotive engineers. Students who earn a graduate degree can work as automotive engineering supervisors.automotive engineering

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