3 Popular Threats to Auto Glass in Dallas


Dallas makes up a large segment of the Texan population primarily for being a business and cultural hub. The city also makes-up a huge chunk of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, connecting a wide network of small towns & cities.

According to researchers, Dallas is the second most dangerous city to drive in Texas. A staggering population approaching 1.4 million, with a massive number of vehicles visiting the city each day, there is bound to be collateral damage.

Speeding & Car Crashes

The state of Texas reports that Dallas experienced 32,056 car crashes in 2017 (data available up to April 2018). The US National Safety Council reported in a 2018 study that speeding the most common cause of accidents in the state of Texas. One third or 30{3988f0644af10bdb86ade926c24f9d8ca011ecfb017d7721b8530af7bf38863d} of car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), happen because of speeding.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) claimed in a research study that there was a clear correlation between speeding and the severity of the car crash. Even with safety guidelines in place the Texas Highway Patrol reports that drivers speed up at some point during their journey on vast Texas highways. The safest drivers the report highlights are those who drive below the median avg. speed permitted by the state.

Your auto glass is the primary and strongest defense against several threats when met with an accident. Since the windshields hold the car frame together it is essential to assure the integrity of your front and back auto glass routinely. To ensure the highest safety on Dallas roads, make sure:

  • Auto glass chips & cracks are immediately repaired,
  • Loosened auto glass & broken windshield frames are immediately replaced
  • Scratched auto glass is replaced at the highest priority
  • Broken side glass is repaired or replaced

Distracted Driving

Driver negligence or distracted driving was the 2nd most popular cause of accidents across Texas State in 2015. The Texas Department of Transportation identified the following reported examples of distracted driving that cause the most car crashes, especially in Dallas:

  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Listening to music or adjusting the radio
  • Reading while driving
  • Talking to passengers
  • Using electronic devices (smartphone, music players, computers etc.)

The NHTSA recognizes phone usage as the most common danger that distracts drivers and causes accidents. Transportation authorities claim that even with proactive training, on-road warning, and fines in place drivers in Texas seem to take it upon themselves to endanger the lives of their passengers and other drivers because their phone call or texts are just “too important.”  

Compared to several other cases, a distracted driver is most prone to smash the windshield or damage it in case of a collision. Be cautious and ensure:

  • Always keep your phone silent during car rides,
  • Not to lose sight of the road when you have a passenger talking to you,
  • Set the radio when starting the ride
  • Let your passenger set the songs on music players, if you’re alone use playlists
  • Don’t drive in anger, stop the car reflect on the cause, and then drive
  • Don’t drink or eat and drive (especially alcohol)

Damaged Vehicle Auto Glass

Driving with a damaged auto glass is the cause of almost 5{3988f0644af10bdb86ade926c24f9d8ca011ecfb017d7721b8530af7bf38863d} accidents in Dallas. Depending on the weather, road, and impact of an accident, a windshield can shatter. Even a scratched windshield or one with a crack in it is a severe safety hazard.

Although your windshields are designed to endure significant damage before it shatters, meeting an impact at the right speed can completely leave the glass without structural integrity. Always consider inspecting your auto glass after hail storms, after impacting with debris & foreign objects, and especially if it gets damaged around the frame. 

Premier Repairs & Replacement for Auto Glass in Dallas

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